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Simon Youd

Fear of Failure Holds Me Back

2 min read

Recently I read John Spencer's post This Could Fail, in which he talks about all creative endeavours possibly failing. Whilst this may seem as a negative he uses it as a positive, that anything might fail, but if you do nothing you won't gain. Failure is a step on the pathway to success, you must fail to ultimately succeed and to become a success. 

I let the fear of failure hold me back, why I don't write enough, why I am still procrastinating over launching a podcast. All the what ifs hinder my progress. I fear no one will read, nobody will want to listen to what I have to say, so I don't, or I find an excuse to delay even more. I must find courage in the face of fear. 

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Yet even if nobody does read, and nobody does listen, I have learnt and reflected through the practice of creating and thinking through material that I use to create posts. So it will be a success if it is only for me. And so I write this, to reflect and share if it only helps me to clarify what I am doing and thinking then it works. Yet, if somebody else reads this because I dared to publish and beat back that fear of failure, even if only for an instant, then the success is multiplied. I must let go of control, it is only a fallacy anyway. Control is not ours, we can merely put it out there and think for ourselves. If I, and others, feared less and did more, what could we achieve?

If I, and others, feared less and did more, what could we achieve? Release the fear and give it a go, you beat fear and succeeded by doing something, anything else after that is a bonus.