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Simon Youd

We all have achieved something

2 min read

Tim Ferriss in his interview with Seth Godin texted Seth before the podcast if he was ready, he replied I was born ready. Well not really I was born naked sacred and crying, to which Tim replied look how far you have come now then. Sometimes we look back in despair at what we have achieved and feel like nothing has been done and are achievements are zero. Negative self-talk and self-sabotage rule this space. Yet we learnt everything that ahs brought us to here, we are generally self-sufficient. To become a teacher you need to go through high school then university successfully, you have achieved and graduated at a higher level than the majority of the population. 

There are so many more things that we as teachers achieve if we look back on what we have done, and are doing now. We integrate new practices, we connect with new students, we help students graduate from school. We continue to learn and grow as professional educators, looking for new and innovative ways to engender learning in young people. 

You got up this morning and made other people and their learning your focus of the day. You achieved a very worthy goal. Teachers have the biggest influence in the world, everyone has a teacher somewhere somehow. The challenge then is what sort of teacher are we going to be for others.