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Simon Youd

Starting my Known site

1 min read

After reading an article by Ian Obrien on how he was using Known as a journalling site, I was inspired to actually start using Known to play around with and learn. I intend to start a website with a personal domain and own my content. I was previously just reading thinking and gathering resources. I have decided to just bite the bullet and start. I intend for this to become my host for my blog, and intend to start podcasting this year and host them through this site also. Ian has shared lots of articles recently that has spoken to me and started to push me along this track, to finally make changes and start doing something, not just thinking about it.

So this is my first post on Known, thank you Ian for what you write and inspiring me to take that first step into the style of presenting your content. I also think I will do more short posts and use your journaling ideas to write in ideas in short format not just long format posts.