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I am an educator living in Tasmania Australia. Currently a relief teacher trying to create and personalise my learning journey.

Simon Youd

Disconnected as a relief Teacher

2 min read

As a relief teacher coming into a class you often have a disconnect with students as they are being out off their routine of the normal teacher with you being there in the classroom. This prevents you having the relationship build up with students to engage them in class and use as a preventer at times for poor behaviour escalation.

Relationships though are not the only area where you can be disconnected as a relief teacher. The lesson that you are about to teach may hold some relevance with the normal teacher who has planned the lesson and placed it in the scheme of work they are doing. Yet walking in you have no connection to how this work fits into the overall direction for where learning is heading, or has already been. 

Teaching, when you plan and implement it, has a structure and sequence to lessons and materials. Walking in partway through for a short period of time often prevents knowing or seeing the bigger picture and purpose of how the current lesson fits in. This disconnect then means that I can be teaching material I see no reason to do so, or unable to link learning to previous or future tasks that will add relevance to the current task. How do you fix this? 

How do you fix this? I don't expect an essay on what has been covered or future plans from the classroom teacher. It just makes it harder at times not knowing the why. This is also a view many students may hold.