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I am an educator living in Tasmania Australia. Currently a relief teacher trying to create and personalise my learning journey.

Simon Youd

Simon Youd

Simon Youd

Simon Youd

I am nobody, but that doesn’t matter. Because I share.

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I am nobody, but that doesn’t matter.


Because I share.


Not always and not regularly, but I do share. I share stories I recommend on Medium, through IFTTT, as tweets. I bookmark pages on my Known site and then auto share the links through a tweet. I auto share videos I like on YouTube again through tweets. I blog, not as regularly as I should, but I try to write and share.


Sharing makes anything you do open and available. Wes Fryer in his article How much should teachers share online referred to a quote as follows


In her video, Amy cites Austin Kleon (@austinkleon), author of “Show Your Work,”who says:

“Your work doesn’t exist unless it is online.”

Does that then transfer into a quote remix of saying that: "I share therefore I am". What we share is what other people see of us, what we do, think, read and write. It does not matter who we are, what we do, or don’t do, how experienced we are or how good a teacher we view ourselves as. The fact that we share and put ourselves and our thoughts out there is ultimately what matters.

Share what you think, others can question you on it, challenge your thinking, support you, help you crystallize your focus and thought patterns moving forward. Share your work, others will take it and run with it, making their job easier, refining and tweaking what you have done for their situation, and hopefully provide feedback to help you both grow. Share your reflections and reactions to other people's work and thoughts, grow and learn together, conversation adds meaning and develops that deeper understanding. …..Hmmm….. That sounds like something that teachers should be doing.

Let’s share, learn and grow together, becoming better educators for all students we influence, not just the ones in our classroom walls.

I am a relief teacher (supply, replacement, contract) living in Tasmania, Australia. Yet through sharing, I have made connections with educators in the UK, USA, Asia, and throughout the rest of the world. Who could you connect to that might help them, help you, or help students?


Simon Youd